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Hillary Finch Martin is a Oklahoma City based realtor born and raised in Northwest OKC.

Her mother and business partner, Linda Finch, has been a successful realtor since 1984. Growing up, Hillary and her twin sister Amanda accompanied their mom to various open houses and appointments—she remembers specifically choosing “her room” in every house they ever visited—so, it’s safe to say she’s been in the business practically her whole life!

With a natural flair for performing, Hillary graduated from UCO with a musical theatre degree. During college, she worked for many years as a Starbucks barista, where she met her wonderful husband Chris, a talented musician and composer. Shortly after they married, Hillary and Chris moved to New York City to pursue their artistic dreams. While she was in NYC, Hillary made her income by working for a realtor who, noting her knack for the industry, encouraged her to pursue her real estate license. After acquiring her license, she ended up working in the fast-paced city for two years before returning home to OKC.

Back in Oklahoma, Hillary worked for two major title companies. During that time, she was able to work closely with other realtors and lenders, and discovered firsthand that her mother, Linda, was truly one of the best in the business. She is grateful for her experience working at the title companies, as it has given her a well-rounded knowledge of the field. That, coupled with her savvy upbringing, serves her work as a realtor every day.


While Hillary continues to enjoy and pursue theatre (go ahead, let her sing you a showtune—or five!), she is happy to have discovered a true passion for real estate.  The icing on the cake is that she gets to work alongside her mom and help run the family business. For Hillary, showing homes has given her a sense of community and happiness that she searches for in every career environment.

Currently, Hillary lives in a lovely home with her husband Chris and their newly adopted pup, Moony. She feels blessed that every day, people trust her to guide them through the big—and sometimes overwhelming—journey of finding a place to live. Her goal is to empower her clients by sharing extensive knowledge of the real estate market so they can make informed, practical financial decisions. Hillary believes there’s a dream home for everyone, and she is eager to be your real estate matchmaker!