Relocating to Oklahoma?

There is a dynamic sense of energy in the air in Oklahoma City! How many other cities could have sprung up literally overnight as the result of the Oklahoma Land Run? Growing from a virgin prairie to a town of 10,000 people by nightfall on April 22, 1889, Oklahoma City’s proud heritage bears witness to its true pioneer spirit.

That same attitude lives on, as Oklahoma City has increased to a population of nearly one million people living in a land area totaling 608.2 square miles. Strategically located in the heart of America’s flourishing Sunbelt, Oklahoma City has established itself as a major industrial and trade center in the last one hundred years. Oil and gas are such important parts of Oklahoma’s past that there are even active oil wells on the lawn of the State Capitol complex! (It is also only one of seven capitol buildings without a dome but legend tells us that you don’t need a dome if you have oil wells!).

Other key industries include health care and medical research, the thoroughbred and quarter horse industry, aviation, automobile manufacturing, communication and computer electronics. Efforts to attract new industry and quality jobs to Oklahoma City continue. The greatest development plan for Oklahoma City since the Land Run of 1889 is the Metropolitan Area Projects Plan. The MAPS plan includes renovations to the Civic Center Music Hall, Myriad Convention Center and State Fairgrounds, construction of a 20,000 seat arena, 15,000 seat baseball park, Library/Learning Center, a transportation link between I-40/Meridian area and downtown and the development of a River Walk area Downtown.

The name "Oklahoma" itself goes back to the early roots of the state and comes from two Choctaw words meaning land of the "Red People". Today, there are some 67 Indian tribes represented in the state. At POW WOWS, tribes continue to practice the fascinating spiritual ceremonies of their ancestors. Their authentic native American costumes, campfires, drums and dancing create an exciting spectacle to watch.

Oklahoma City is definitely the place to come if you have a healthy appetite! If you like your food blackened, healthy, spicy or fresh from the ocean, you can find it here. Cajun, Tex-Mex, seafood and pasta are popular in local restaurants, with something for nearly any taste bud!

Oklahoma City’s population represents a unique melting pot of cultures from all over the world. The Southern hospitality and Western traditions that are the trademarks of "Okie’s born-and-raised" are complemented by the sophistication and progressiveness of business people who have moved here to take advantage of Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial spirit. Add the mystique of our native American heritage and you have a city alive with vitality and personality!