Before closing here are tasks both Sellers and Buyers will need to do: 

  • Sellers and Buyers need to contact utility companies.
  • Sellers need to obtain a final reading of your bills.
  • Sellers, please do not turn off utilities.
  • Buyers, need to switch the utility accounts to your name, effective the day of closing.




ELECTRIC COMPANY                            WATER & REFUGE

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E)                                      405.297.2833     Oklahoma City

405.272.1010       Oklahoma City                                            405.789.5254     Bethany

800.264.2594       Toll Free                                                       405.359.4541     Edmond           

405.321.2024       Norman (OEC)                                           405.843.6637     Nichols Hills

405.348.8830       Edmond                                                      405.751.8861     Village (Trash)

                                                                                                    405.390.8198     Choctaw

                                                                                                    405.376.4521     Mustang


GAS COMPANY                              TELEPHONE COMPANY

Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG)                                 AT&T

405.551.4000      Oklahoma City                                            800.464.7928

405.551.4000      Edmond                                                   TDS Telecom

405.551.4001      Norman                                                       405.390.2291     Choctaw

Tuttle Public Works                                                             McCloud Telephone

405.381.2335      Tuttle                                                            405.964.8600      McCloud



CABLE COMPANY                                                            

Cox Communications                                                            Logan County Garbage

         405.600.8282                                                                   RDS      405.348.8411


Tecumseh, City   City Hall  405.598.2188

                              Utilities    405.598.2189